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Recent Articles

Fat Transfers: How Are They Done?

by: Erich Shrefler

If you feel that you have too much fat in some areas and not enough in others, a fat transfer is a way of correcting that. During these recent years of liposuction popularity, surgical techniques and ...read more

Why Fat Transfer is Better Than Collagen for Wrinkle Treatment

by: Robert Michaelson

As we begin to age with time, facial wrinkles and creases start to appear naturally. These wrinkles can cause unsettling emotions on how we look on the outside, thus affecting how we feel on the ...read more

Breast Augmentation Through Fat Transfer Injections. How your own fat helps you look attractive

by: Tony Chopp

What is Fat Transfer or Fat GraftingThere is no doubt that effort to find new ways of aesthetic surgery was started more than 100 years ago. Transplanting body fat for breast ...read more

Stem Cell Fat Transfers - Latest Cosmetic Procedure to Battle Ageing

by: Leonard Dawson

Stem cell fat transfers or Cell Enriched Cosmetic Surgery is the cosmetic surgery industry's latest gift to people who want to look young and refreshed for a variety of reasons. For instance, ...read more